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Our perspective

Photography or light painting come from old Greek words: φως, φωτος – light and γραφω – write, writer, brush is the process of  creating images of real objects on film or digital sensor – copied from Wikipedia – This is maybe the shortest definition of the science of photography or if You would like to call it Art… It all depends of the visual perception of the artist and his skill on how to represent the image whether it is just a documentary or art is all dependent of the creator. – a moment in time and a perception or a feeling.


There are many disputes about whether the first photo was taken in 1822 or 1826, but that doesn’t matter that much. The main problem here is an old craft and it is here to stay. Can you compare a painting of a still-life and a picture of the same? For sure no, neither by a process or by the expertise needed for making a canvas. This issue has been a main problem between photographers and artists, but photography has stayed all those years and will continue to exist thanks to its perception in different kinds of categories being closer to the perception of the consumer. What you see in the photo is most of the time what you recognize with your own eyes. This makes the photographs(pictures) either digital or physical to be easier to digest and felt by people.The types of photography or styles are many, but the easiest way for them to be categorized is by the main object in focus of the photo.

  • Landscape – sky, sea, cornfield, wood, mountain… empty boulevard –  the focus here is the whole picture most of the time
  • Portrait photography – people…in their habitat or either in the studio. In front is the individual.
  • Product photography – you want to keep the memory of something you own(car, home painting, furniture etc.) or you are selling a product/service – options are on a clear background or either in environment or a complex session – restrictions are minimal and the creativity is high
  • Event photography – taking photos of things the way they are – sports events, weddings, signing of an important contract, photos for a magazine – small part of the images are dependent of the creativity of the photographer – the materials are for a documentary type of files of the event – they are critical to be taken as is – most the times if you miss the shot you won’t have a second chance

We have expertise in all the types of photography and We are there to assist You with Your ideas and create them with our tech and knowledge or assist you with finding the thing you are searching for. The main importance here is the photographer to be creative. A passport photo can be taken at any place. The time for Art is now!

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